Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Presidential Election and Professing Christians

     Several hours from the presidential election and many are running to cast their votes in, but why?. I find it amazing how many people, even within the Church, are worshiping creatures rather than the Creator. Many are voting because of the benefits and opportunities that will be available to them based on which person is in the presidential office, but is that all we should consider when voting? What about the character of a person? What about the morals of a person and what they value most? Do not these things need to be considered when voting also? I'm afraid that in the society we live in today, one that has forgotten God, many only care about what's best for them.
     As a Christian myself, I am surprised and upset to see other professing Christians putting God aside and lowering their view of sin when it comes to the presidential election. It seems as if those professing Christians who once viewed sin as dishonoring to God and had a hatred for it are now thinking of it as something not even worth mentioning compared to the benefits and opportunities they will receive if a specific person is elected for president, even if they are for the same thing that God viewed with a disgust and hatred.
     It seems that Satan is certainly using this election to draw people away from God. If you do not think so, I would advise you to just look around you. Many people are being looked down upon either because they are not voting either for Obama or for Romney. There are some churches where Romney and Obama's name is mentioned and talked about more than Jesus Christ. There are professing Christian's who would not show no sign of offense if someone curses Jesus, but they will be highly offended and disgusted if someone disagrees with Obama or Romney.
     These type of actions is exactly what Satan wants and is getting. I know many, especially professing Christians will not like what I said, but it's the truth. Instead of becoming angry, we should self-examine ourselves and re-evaluate our views and motives. Let me make it clear that I am not against the act of voting in and of itself or against the establishment of governments, but I am against putting people and things over God and His word.

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