Friday, December 2, 2011

The Father and Son Are One

Many people, even Christians have trouble understanding the trinity as far as how can Jesus be the Son of God and also....God. Well, let me ask you this question, is your mother human? If she is and hope she is, then that would make you human as well, because you came from the very essence of the humanity of your mother. Jesus came from God, the very essence of who God is, Jesus came from it, therefore Jesus shares in God's deity. Jesus shares in God's deity as much as you share in your mother's humanity...get it? God is not a single person, but three distinct individuals who share the same title, deity and essence of what makes God..God. For example, when people say Man landed on the moon, you know that you yourself didn't actually walk on the moon, but Man is meaning the human race, humanity, everyone in the world shares. Another example is looking at a pond, lake and river. They are all made up of H2O, they all are made up of that same essence but they are in three distinct bodies. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are all distinct individuals with different roles but they are all God. I hoped I gave you a better understanding of Jesus being God and also of the trinity itself.

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